The Gulf is dying.  We are mired in an un-winnable war  in Afghanistan.  The deficit is soaring, the economy stagnant.  Climate change threatens crop production, and there is a worldwide shortage of potable water.

I need to select a team defense for my fantasy football league.  I’m leaning toward the Jets, but I can be swayed if anyone has a strong opinion.  Does anybody else think with Warner gone Fitzgerald won’t be as effective?  I think he gets the ball as much or more since the Cards are thin at Wide out.  Early Doucet showed some promise last season, though.  This is my first time playing fantasy league, and my eyes are already tired from reading stats….and I’ve only decided on two QBs.  (I guess I can say who I prefer, since my football friends don’t read this web-site)  The obvious choice was Drew Brees, and my second choice is Matt Schaub, who I hope will be somewhat overlooked.  He is big, 6’5″, 240 pounds, threw 29 TDs last season and half as many picks.  Plus, at 29, he is just now starting to gel as a QB.

I don’t know why I elected to do this, because I won’t be able to sit and enjoy the games…I’ll be rooting against my favorites because more than anything, I don’t want come in last with these guys I huck discs with on Sundays.  It’s a brutal, unforgiving collection of over- competitive guys, plus my brother .  So, send me ideas for every position.  I really need a kicker by today.



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3 responses to “Priorities

  1. OT but is this a new header photo? I like it … I think I’ve seen it before but can’t place it. Unless it was here.

    OK I will go away now.

  2. Mack

    Beale, its the default header for this theme. It’s nice, but I have a customized one that I’d like to put back up….

  3. AH thought it looked familiar ….

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