Looking For Lynnster

The problem:  WordPress hiccuped and temporarily lost my archives.  Header cannot be restored.  Widgets moved.  Chaos, heartbreak, despair.

The solution:  Activate Lynnster signal.  Help!


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3 responses to “Looking For Lynnster

  1. Hey hey. Sorry, I hadn’t been by since last week sometime, been too busy arguing with the significant other.

    Well, it looks like your archives are back ‘cos I see ’em in the sidebar. Do you have a copy of the header graphic Steph made for you on your hard drive somewhere?

    If so, send me that and send me your login info anyway, and I’ll take a look this weekend and see what I can fix…..

  2. Mack

    Next time you’re in town, I’ve got a dozen tamales set aside for you.

  3. OK, I think you’re fixed up now. I appreciate the tamale offer but I can’t handle the hot tamales, they’ll have to be mild. Or I’ll take one of your famous breakfasts instead. Heh.

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