Of Little Interest

I spent the day at the auction tryin to buy a couple of cars running through the sale in Lane 1 at 10:30 a.m.  Okay, I used to do this in Georgia’s heat, and I managed to survive.  Perhaps the number of birthdays that have passed since I did this  make it seem now like a ridiculous way to earn a living.  The heat index, according to the fella next to me who kept checking it on his Droid phone was nudging 107 IN THE SHADE.  I opened up a Pathfinder to look at its interior and it really was like climbing into an oven.  It had flood damage that I almost missed. ( FYI, quite a number of cars running through the area have some evidence of water damage.  Some of it won’t matter, some will.  If you are buying a used vehicle, open the trunk, lift the carpet and inspect the frame all you can for dried mud.  Ditto the floor mats.  Detailers often miss the little hooks that hold the mats in place.)

I’m skipping the sale in Mt. Juliet tomorrow.  After the kids get out of school, (half-day) I think we will find some water and stay in it until the weekend.  This heat is ridiculous.



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2 responses to “Of Little Interest

  1. democommie

    Okay, okay; I know that you live in constant fear of your young’uns growing up to be as benighted as Zach Wamp. but school, on the 5th of August. What particular version of hell is being reserved for your schoolboard’s members?

  2. Mack

    Seriously, Demo. The freakin 5th. Can you believe it?

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