We Almost Lost Miha

Yesterday, I headed to the barn and climbed atop the tractor, and as usual Miha came with me.  I’m not sure what happened, but my guess is the walk there (I drive) made her hot, and she fell asleep in the barn in very hot weather.  When I finished bush-hogging, I went back to the barn, found her there limp as a dishrag and her tongue was white.  She didn’t respond at all, but her eyes were open and I could barely detect breathing.  I tossed her into the truck cab and hauled ass to the creek, and placed her in the water and talked to her the whole time.  After a minute, she began to pant and lick the water, and after 30 minutes, she got on her feet and her tongue went back to pink.  Whew.  Scary.  Check on your pets, folks, if they live outside.

Ok, well, I was going to put her photo here for y’all to see, but instead, let me just say this quietly:

I *#%^&@#% HATE PICASA WITH THE WHITE HEAT OF A THOUSAND SUNS!  Least intuitive application on the planet.  Hate it.  Hate the guy who invented it.  I hate his whole family.

UPDATE:  Found the picture with a different program:


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2 responses to “We Almost Lost Miha

  1. Oh, I’m glad you found her when you did and glad she’s OK now. I can’t say there haven’t been days lately I haven’t been a little afraid someone would find me like that in this oven of a house with its crummy window unit that can’t handle anything over 90 degrees. I took six (yes, six!) cold showers each day and each time was horrified to discover how hot and feverish my skin felt before hitting the shower.

    This weather bites. A little better today tho for sure. I’m very very glad your girl is OK.

  2. WOW quick thinking on your part, Mack. The heat is unbelievably oppressive. I’m waiting for buildings in downtown Nashville to spontaneously combust.

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