Mike Turner, Superhero?

It seems Rep Turner is able to look at a man working and determine whether he is in the country legally.  That, my friends, is powerful stuff.  I’m sending him to a few hospitals in the area to help ferret out those pesky Canadian nurses.

Seriously, I’m with you that companies performing work and receiving Federal funds should make American citizens a priority.  I could even get behind the idea of auditing the I-9s of those companies to ensure the same.  But to give credibility to the argument that we can look at someone and determine their immigration status is not only a rookie mistake, it is a dangerous one.



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4 responses to “Mike Turner, Superhero?

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  2. Char

    Turner should use his superhero powers for good, and sometimes for mischievous fun.

  3. I was going to crack a joke, but instead I’ll just point to my previous post about this subject. It’s a post you commented on, Mack.


  4. I recently wrote about the only person who ever told me they were at one time in the country illegally (and she is a legal U.S. citizen now, and she told me of her ordeal after she was legal, so don’t bust my chops): she is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Canadian.

    Being Hispanic does not necessarily make you illegal, people. Can’t be stated often enough.

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