No, This Isn’t About You

Dear people of the world,

I no longer intend to accept the following excuses:

I didn’t get your email. Yes you did.  Neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night is applicable here.  My email applications even tell me when it couldn’t deliver for some reason.  If we have exchanged emails in the past, it got there.

I didn’t get/check my voicemail.  Again, yes you did.  Look, the reality is that we all have people that we call right back.  Parents, children, best friend, boss.  No judgments here, I’m just saying that we all check our various communication tools and then we decide who to call back and when.  By not returning the call in a timely manner, you are telling someone that they are not very high on your priority list.  There is nothing wrong with that whatsoever, but be prepared to stop getting calls from that person.

I’m so bad about returning calls/emails. This one sets me off the fastest.  Really? I’m just supposed to embrace that about you?  What if I was “so bad” about finishing your sentences, or cutting you off?  How long would you accept that?  As I pointed to above, this is really a lie.  You are good about getting back to someone, just not me.

I’ve been so busy.  But not too busy to keep posting inane statuses on F/B, right?  Its pretty hard to be online and not be noticed.

Things I will accept as excuses:

I forgot.  Thats fair.  I sort of do the baseball thing here, you know, three strikes and you’re out.  Forget me 3 times, there really isn’t any need to go on, is there?

I dropped my phone in the toilet.  Feel free to use this as often as you want, I find it hilarious and never tire of it.

There are people in my life that are crazy busy, with careers or families or both.  I really respect the ones that take a minute and acknowledge that I have reached out, even if they can’t engage at that moment.  I know that there are plenty of times when I “unplug” and am not reachable, or, more likely, I just don’t have anything to offer right then, but I do my best to get back as quickly as possible.

Dismiss this as needy if you like, but I place a great deal of value on acknowledging people who take the time to write or call, and while I don’t think I should push my expectations onto others, I do feel it necessary to act accordingly and limit or eliminate further contact and free up that time.

That way, I’m not too busy to return calls.



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9 responses to “No, This Isn’t About You

  1. Umm .. this isn’t about me, is it?


  2. democommie


    You never gave me your cell number when I asked for it after dropping my phone in the toilet. Otherwise I’d be calling you.

  3. I hate telephones. They are an item of convenience, but what other people don’t realize is that they’re for my convenience, not theirs. If I’m not interested in talking, I shut the damn thing off.

    So is this going to be like that Carly Simon song, You’re So Vain and we never know who this is all about for decades? Mack, man of mystery! Ooh.

  4. Mack

    Ok, Jim, it was about you. 😉

  5. Way to blow the mystery aspect, dude.

  6. I really don’t check my voicemail at home, so I am an equal opportunity neglecter on that front.

  7. I actually did drop my phone in the toilet once several years ago when I was still working at the Medical Center. It appeared to be dead, so I of course high-tailed it to the Verizon store immediately after work and got a new one.

    Amazingly, the one I dropped in the toilet started working again six months or so later. LOL.

  8. I’m with Jim, I hate telephones. Always have. Hate talking on them, hate using them. Give me e-mail.

  9. Heartbreaktown

    But I DIDN’T get your voicemail or your email! Oh, right, it’s not about me – you didn’t call or email, did you.

    But if you HAD called or emailed I would have called or emailed right back if I haven’t forgotten because I’m so busy always dropping the phone in the toilet and are thus so bad at returning calls and emails.

    (I’m curious about people that drop the phone in the toilet – where were they holding it? what were they talking out of?)

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