11 Days, 10 Nights.

2,964 miles in 11 days.  Doesn’t sound all that impressive, does it?  I mean, I know people who pride themselves in driving extreme distances without an overnight stop.  New York to Los Angeles in 3 days!  Normally, I don’t drive into Nashville without notifying AAA and making hotel reservations.  I live in a town with a single traffic light, remember?  Traffic isn’t really a part of my life anymore.  So, anyway, nearly three thousand miles logged on our trip is wicked impressive if you factor in the following activities:

Discovered a cool ski village in Northern Maryland.   Stayed at a wonderful hotel just south of New Bedford.

Visited a quaint old town and had lunch in their downtown, which, by the way, has three candy shops on one block.  Who wouldn’t love that?

Arrived in Pennsylvania on a Monday afternoon, re-connected with relatives I hadn’t seen in nearly a decade. Said relatives include a niece, her husband and her three children, two of which are the same age as my two knuckleheads.  Chaos ensued.  Dinner out, party of nine please.  Bowling.  Did you hear that?  Freakin bowling.  Laser tag.  Swimming at a community pool.  Met the rudest cigar store owner on the planet. Five rounds of disc golf.  (What a bunch of disc golf pussies live up there, btw.  The longest hole was 294 feet.  I kicked some Nittany ass.)

Toured the Accuweather Headquarters, Penn State University, and Circleville Park Disc Golf course.

Thursday we saddled up for the trip through Northern Pennsylvania with our relatives in tow.  We traveled through Connecticut and into Boston for a visit with my brother and his wife, and my niece, known to some of you as Melody Singer, the talented but extremely spotty blogger on your RSS feed.  More swimming, basketball, volleyball and dinner out.  Shopped at a fun place called finneal hall or funeral hall or something like that, and ate food and watched street performers and oh yea!  We took a boat ride to an island in Boston harbor!  Funniest thing in the world to watch my daughter, my great niece, and my son go tumbling across the boat when we hit a large wake.

I took a trip with Melody and my brother and his wife to Foxwoods Casino, and also the MGM Grand.  Escorted out by security since I won nearly 30 bucks playing video poker.

Watched my niece Melody absolutely own a room singing “My heart will go on” or some sappy song from the Titanic flick.  The hair on my arms still tingles when she sings.  I’ve been watching her sing for nearly 35 years and I am always blown away by her ability to get a crowd fired up.  She hates to sing karaoke but she was obliging us since we were visiting.  To my amazement, Supermousey and her cousin also got up and sang two songs in front of complete strangers.  I drank some scotch.

We left returned to Penn State on Monday.  I drove through upstate New York (Catskills area) to meet an online friend who is a retired, well, everything.  He and his lovely wife live in a 200 yr old house and have a dog named Star-fire, some cats, and believe it or not, turtles.  We left quickly.

More of the same until Wednesday, when we drove to Cincinnati and spent the night.  The next day saw us at Churchill Downs, watching the thoroughbreds do their thing.  I hit an exacta.

Arrived home on Thursday.

I intend to elaborate in another post, but I wanted to get a rough version of our itinerary down before I forget, as is my custom.  Today, though, I have to mow.  Shit.


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7 responses to “11 Days, 10 Nights.

  1. So was it the $30 bucks that got you escorted out of the casino or the naked celebratory dancing?


    Sounds like a fun trip. I need to go to Philly. Never been there, never seen the Liberty Bell, etc. Told Mr. Beale we’re going to do that trip one day.

  2. democommie

    Southern Beale:

    Go for the “MerKKKinPatrioFreedomness(TM)”, stay for the Philly Cheese Steak sub.

  3. Sounds like a fine and fun-filled trip! Glad you elaborated on Melody being your niece – I have been wondering all along how exactly you two were related but was embarrassed to ask since everyone else seemed to know. lol

  4. Amber/Heartbreaktown/Melody

    Wow – I really thought I’d be remembered more as Heartbreaktown… 🙂

    Finnial…Funeral…eh… Quincy Market’s good enough.

    And just because I liken karaoke to pole dancing only less dignified doesn’t mean I hate it. Okay, yes it does, but if the girls liked it and felt inspired to get up too, then it was worth it. 🙂 They did a great job, by the way.

    Great to see you – reeeeeeally want to get down there soon!


  5. Actually, you’re more remembered as “she who used to blog,’ Amber. 🙂

  6. Actually, that would be me, Jim. (just kidding)

    Faneuil Hall, Dad. =)
    Thanks for the compliment, Amber. I’ve been attempting to sing My Heart Will Go On (ask Dad and Mom, they’ve been listening to me wail since we got back), but I don’t think I’m near as good at it as you. 😛

    (Excuse my lateness on the commenting.)

  7. sm, I figured it was a family thing. 😉

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