He’s A Rebel And A Runner

Oh, Rand.  You’re a restless young romantic who wants to run the Big Machine.  You’ve got a problem with your poisons, but I know you’ll find a cure, just keep cleaning up your systems, keep your nature pure.

Okay, that was fun.  I could have made bad puns all day behind this story.

Seems the band didn’t care for their music being used by Mr. Paul without permission.  They have threatened a lawsuit. Irony, anyone?

I’ve been a Rush fan for decades.  They have been a fun band to follow, mostly because their albums were all so different.  I get a bit testy when Libertarians adopt the band’s music because of lyrics they read in “The Trees”, or, for that matter, “2112.”  Yes, it’s true that Neil Peart (the band’s drummer and chief lyricist) culled a little bit from Ayn Rand when he wrote a few songs, but if you watched the band’s progress, you would see that his lyrics later reflected a much greater appreciation for the collective, and one of the things I like most was their willingness to weave other types of music into their own. But that’s another post.

So, Rand ol buddy, perhaps you can try illegally using Ted Nugent’s “music” for your events and videos.  Who doesn’t enjoy the brilliant and wonderfully misogynistic “Wango Tango”?  I know guitarists the world over are still trying to master all three chords of “Cat Scratch Fever”, maybe you could use this for a campaign hook:

And I don’t know how they do it
But they sure do it good
I hope they doin’ it for free

Okay, maybe not.  Let me go check out The Bay City Rollers and get back to ya, cool?


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3 responses to “He’s A Rebel And A Runner

  1. democommie

    Rand Paul is a chip off the ol’ block or, in this case, a dingleberry off the racist pos that is daddy Paul.

  2. Oh this happens ALL the time. Remember Sarah Palin using Heart’s “Barracuda” against their wishes? Thing is, it all goes back to copyright and who owns what, and who pays what publishing rights, etc. etc. Artists don’t own their licenses most of the time so most of the time an asshole like Sarah Palin can play “Barracuda” at a rally and there’s not a damn thing the creator of that music can do about it.

    Remember Gretchen Peters waxing philosophical about Sean Hannity using her “Independence Day” as the theme music for his radio show? She had no say over it, but she made damn sure he paid the royalties — which, she noted, went straight to groups like MoveOn and the ACLU. Love it.

  3. democommie

    Heart should have made a parody cover of their own song, “Sarahcuda”. They should also have pulled every string they could to get it into rotation. Weird Al Yancovic could have some fun with her, too.

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