Qualified To Chime In

Rather than quote the article, I’m simply going to link to this letter sent to Talking Points Memo.  Its short, so go read.



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3 responses to “Qualified To Chime In

  1. As for “what can Obama do” well, I’d like to see a ban on deepwater drilling, all existing deepwater leases suspended, that massive “Apollo project for renewable energy” we’ve all be promised for 10 years and Ken Salazar’s head on a fucking platter for not sweeping the Bush/Cheney cronies out of the Interior Dept and MMS when he came in. And yeah, a little “fire in the belly” would help.

    And since Congress seems unwilling to raise the liability cap, how about seizing BP’s American assets so we are assured that this will all be paid for and people who have lost their livelihood will be compensated.

    I have never understood when/why/how this happened but at some point in our recent history there was some kind of understanding in the government that America would put the tobacco companies out of business, and all of those tobacco farmers would have to “transition” to another crop & RJ Reynolds and the rest were just going to have to suck it up. I don’t remember a lot of corporate astroturfing and Tea Shouting about this.

    Yet, energy is a MUCH bigger issue. It plays into our national security and our ecological security as well as our economic security, health …jobs … it touches a much broader spectrum of American life, and yet there’s been little or no effort get the oil companies to “transition” their way into energy companies. Yes, two years ago the Rockefeller family led a shareholder effort to get ExxonMobil to go green, saying the Exxon board was “fighting the last war and they’re not seeing they’re facing a new war.” That was a rarity.

    The oil companies need to be put out of business. We should no longer be running our nation on dead dinosaurs. It just defies logic that no one has the cojones to just state the facts: fossil fuels are a dead energy source.

    At one time this nation moved around with horse and buggy. We don’t do that anymore. Why should we cling to oil?

  2. Those are all interesting ideas, and I’m on board with most of them, but I guess the article was more focused on what more could be done on-site.

  3. Char

    I agree about canning Salazar, but that doesn’t seem to be Obama’s style.

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