All the school kids are signing yearbooks with that.  I think it means “have a great summer.”  At least I hope it does…

I think its fair to say that both kids lost interest in school right after T-CAP tests, as they do every year.  Spring semester is a whirlwind of activities, so we have been busy to say the least.  Alena and Noah both made Honor Roll, and Alena excelled this year in her R.I.S.E. class by both placing third at Future Problem Solvers, and 6th in the State with the writing scenario.  Noah received an award for highest average in Math, and was edged out for first place in band.  Me and The Primary Wife are pleased with their achievements, of course.  Just had to brag a little.

Both the 6th grade and 8th grade classes are chock full of great kids.  Its been fun getting to know all of them.  Alena heads off to High School in the fall, and her schedule will be unbelievably full.  She has taken on a Tennessee Scholar course load, and will be in both marching band and chorus.   Feel free to mail me some Valium.



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5 responses to “H.A.G.S.

  1. democommie

    Alena? Is this a new child?

    Well, congrats to the four of you.

    I fininshed my schoolin’ for the year to. I took a “Micro business enterprise” course and I think I’ll be voted “Most likely to repeat the course!”

  2. You’ll need something stronger than Valium once boys notice Alena.

    Get yourself a t-shirt that says “As a father, I reserve the right to kill the father of my first grandchild.” and wear it a lot.

  3. Once the boys notice her? That horse left the barn long ago…

  4. “At least I hope it does…”

    LOL LOL LOL …. wise parent, you are!

  5. Wow, starting high school? That rocks. I don’t think you’ll need too much Valium. She’s a pretty good kid as is your other progency. Somebody obviously raised them right. 😉

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