Call To Arms (oh, the irony)

Dear Tn66th Democrats, I’m too old and too jaded to worry about ruffling feathers.  Here is where we stand:

We are about to be gerrymandered into oblivion.  We lost this house seat by 1295 votes last November.  An honest man with a solid record of community service and a lifetime of professional experience and conduct was beaten by a completely inexperienced political opportunist whose sole mission is to ensure your right to bring a gun into Applebees.  Now, he is the incumbent, and he has a huge head-start with respect to money.  I believe he has roughly 40k to spend so far, mostly given to him by PACS and wealthy Republican donors.  His base is primarily in the Ridgetop/Greenbrier/Whitehouse precincts.  This is where the fight will take place.  GOTV efforts must be successful or we lose, period.  DO NOT WAIT FOR THE STATE PARTY TO ACT.  Get to the meeting tonight in Springfield, and ask the candidates where they stand on the issues, (or even what they think the issues are) and if you like what you hear, get to work.  Some of us are willing to work outside of the County Party apparatus (such as it is) and work on our own.  If you want Robertson County to be represented by experience and intelligence, you’ll have to work for it.  And believe me, its work.  Or, you know, you could just stay home and watch TV…

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