Glad I Named My Son Noah

The great flood of 2010.  There has been a great deal made about the fact that, well, that a great deal <i>hasn’t</i> been made by the National media reporting on our flooding.  I completely understand why the our troubles wouldn’t get much play.  There were more significant news events over the weekend.  The Gulf oil spill and a car bomb in NYC to name just two.  Shoot, just two years ago a dozen people died and billions of dollars in damages occurred throughout the Midwest, particularly Missouri.  I don’t remember  much coverage of that disaster.  Its home for us, of course, so we are naturally sensitive to our neighbor’s plight, but there is no shortage of supplies or any massive relocation effort going on.  We are lucky.

That said, I was grateful that friends came by yesterday and helped me address the damage we had, particularly to our driveways, both of which were all but washed out.  We moved over a thousand toaster-sized rocks out of the creek bed and used them to shore up the banks alongside the drive.  After helping me, my friend Travis went to Nashville to fill sandbags.  How cool is that?

Beale has a post up today about two neighbors who lost their lives over the weekend driving to church.  She also mentions how devastating the flood will be to the local economy.  Times are hard right now, but I have no doubt we will bounce back in record time.

Meanwhile, heres a look at Saunders Ferry Park, hole number 14.  (H/T Cloud Nine Disc Golf)


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One response to “Glad I Named My Son Noah

  1. democommie

    The course IS a water hazard.

    Glad to hear that you and yours are okay.

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