Four Dead In Ohio

40 years ago, and I’m still pissed.  What kind of person shoots unarmed students?  This was an event that helped shape who I am, probably more than Kennedy’s assassination, because I was much older when this occurred.  I remember how devastated my sister and brother were on that day. Tell some young people what happened at Kent State, it should at least be a cautionary tale.



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4 responses to “Four Dead In Ohio

  1. Eye Poker

    The point of the story is when a man with a uniform points a gun at you he isn’t in a negotiation. These people failed to grasp the universal truth that every law, in any government, no matter how good intentioned is backed up with a man in a uniform willing to take your property, freedom or life.

  2. So, the alternative is anarchy? I don’t own much, but I’d like to know that there is some semblance of a system in place that will insure what I have cannot be taken from me without due process.

    Every law? Even if bought that, is it preferential to be a slave to a Corporation over a Government? Corporations take lives and property every day. There will always be those trying to deprive us of property, freedom, or life itself. I believe we are smart enough to build a system that offers some protection. The Founding fathers came close, we can alter and build upon what they created and seek to improve it constantly.

  3. Eye Poker

    The law should be approached like power tools and fire arms, with the utmost of respect and with the knowledge that a single mistake can ruin your life.

  4. A good lesson to be learned is that, “There are no bystanders during a riot.”

    At least not as far as the guys with guns and clubs are concerned.

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