Henderson Police Catch 1600 Illegals Each Month, Mayor Offers Amnesty To Some

According to this story, the Mayor of Hendersonville has asked the city’s police department to catch fewer illegals, because his office has been flooded with angry calls.  The police chief has indicated he will comply with the request, and get back to what he calls “core-policing.”

Alderman Brown added he’s received several calls from constituents upset about the amount of illegals the department is catching.

“People are wearing me out,” Brown said

Funny how you can slant a story by changing a couple of words, huh?
UPDATED: Now that I’ve had enough coffee, I remembered to link here to explain my inspiration.



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4 responses to “Henderson Police Catch 1600 Illegals Each Month, Mayor Offers Amnesty To Some

  1. I love posting stories like these, too. I have to admit that I didn’t catch what you were doing at first, because I mentally switched “as” in the first sentence to read “and.”

    Change “as” to “because” and I think your point becomes even clearer.

  2. I just made a reference to this on my post today about 287(g):


  3. democommie


    The easy way to see if the tickets were just a way to enhance revenues is to tell the cops to keep writing them but waiving the fine and only assessing the violators for court costs (without, btw, any financial legerdemain in that area). I think we all know where this would end up.

  4. Cripes. I don’t know what to say. This country is so stupid.

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