Stupidity On Both Sides

Ok, according to this story, a woman playing a penny slot machine in Colorado won 43 million after hitting the jackpot.  The thing is, the max payout on this particular machine was around 250k.  The casino is claiming a software glitch caused the errant message of the larger win.

Penny slots aren’t really a penny anymore.  Dozens of paylines exist and a player has the option of loading each of them to a maximum level, or simply playing one coin for each line, or one coin period.  I’ve spent a little time in casinos, and I can tell you that NO ONE plays a penny at a time.  Anyway, each “pull” (more likely a push of a button) has the max payout clearly disclosed.

So, I believe the casino when they say the message was an error.  I can’t totally fault the woman for suing them, as it must have been quite a let-down to think you had won the easy life, only to find that it was a mistake.

But good Lord, what does the casino offer?  Breakfast.  I’m completely serious.  Even if you ate everything on the Pancake Pantry’s menu, your bill wouldn’t exceed, say, 42 million.  But seriously, is that what they thought would make this woman go away?  Now they will find themselves in court, spending at least as much as the maximum payout, which, as stated above, is roughly a quarter-million bucks.  Offer that, and I’d think any judge on the planet would tell the woman to take it and run.

Now, I don’t know how much this particular casino spends each year to attract players, but I’m betting 250k doesn’t begin to cover it.  How much does this horrible publicity wind up costing them in the long run?  Time will tell.



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2 responses to “Stupidity On Both Sides

  1. The casino has probably already put $250k on the table. How much more should they offer?

  2. I’m not sure they did, John, but thats all they should offer.

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