Important Work

I can’t tell you how much this appeals to me.  My friend and local over-achiever John Lamb has launched a new blog dedicated to changing the way the Left employs language. His mission statement is simple:

Framing is what this blog is about – finding the part of your audience’s heart that already agrees with you and switching it on.

For decades now, Progressives have been lagging behind when it comes to public opinion, even when the majority of the public agrees with their ideals and positions.  I’ve long admired Lakoff, but I usually dismissed his solution as incomplete.  One of the reasons Luntz is so effective is that he is able to find the lowest common denominator and package it for mass consumption.  I’m not sure that nuanced answers can be boiled down to fit on a bumper sticker.  At least not always. But sometimes they can, and we miss opportunities.   For the life of me, I don’t understand why the Left never completely adopted the idea of The Patient’s Bill of Rights when framing health reform.  Pretty hard to argue against anything that has “bill of rights” right there in the damn title.

I have known John for years, and one of the things about him that tickles me so much is that I will sometimes get a call from him, and before I can finish saying hello he has already launched into his pitch for a way to frame a particular issue.  “I’m fine, John, and you?”   That type of dedication, coupled with his unconventional approach and solid ethical center, is why I am excited that he has taken on this project.

He’s looking for like-minded people to chime in.  Bookmark his site and share your ideas anytime.


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2 responses to “Important Work

  1. Thanks for the plug!

    Could you check the link to my site in your last sentence? I’m not sure it’s working.

    Here’s the URL:

  2. Well, another reason Luntz is so effective is that the GOP enforces his language rules with military discipline. Remember reading that Luntz would fine any Republican $20 who forgot to refer to the estate tax as the “death tax”? That was years ago; now, Republicans are like robots, reading off the same script and repeating the same talking points. To anyone paying attention, which may be a minority, they look like brain-dead fools.

    Not saying I disagree with you: Democrats suck at messaging. I just think (and hope) that we will do it better.

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