I-65, 65 degrees, And I Shot A 65

What an awesome day it was.  Warm, just a little bit breezy and sunny as hell.  In preparation for my trip to Bowling Green, I had, the night before, lovingly sanded my discs, rolled some cigarettes, and packed my golf bag with band-aids.  I was ready.  Just as I hit I-65 north, I popped in a DaDa CD and set the cruise control at 73 mph.  I decided to play Keriakos Park first.  I really like this course.  Big, mature trees force you to determine an approach early and stick with it.  It is very challenging but not ruined by a lot of weed stands or harsh thickets.  If you stray off the course, it will cost you strokes, but not a drop of blood.

I played the front nine by myself.  It was relaxing and I needed to warm up anyway.  By the time I arrived at the tenth tee, the course was so crowded that I elected to hook up with two local students and a guy on lunch break who were ahead of me.  Each of these guys had, as the kids say, (used to say?) mad skillz.  Danny, Mike, and Sean each had their own style, yet consistently out-drove me.  I learned quite a bit from them.  Danny had grown up playing this course with his dad, and knew every blade of grass on every fairway. Later we picked up a guy named Bo and his ridiculously energetic Pit Bull named “Shade” who by far the happiest soul out there.  Crazy assed dog never stopped running, and a couple of times he bumped into me so I would throw a stick.  He was trained to leave the discs alone, and he never bothered them.  Cool dog.

Some volunteers were on hand making changes to a couple of “holes” (baskets) and we all stopped to chat them up.  Turns out, one of them was Dr. Rick Voakes, a local pediatrician and disc golf legend.  He is a World Champion, and designed several of the courses in Bowling Green.   As it turns out, he is married to a woman who is a also a world class disc golf player.  He shared some info about how to get your local municipality to cooperate with you to build a course.  He and C.B. Clark just finished building a new course in Clarkesville.  I will travel there soon.

After 27 holes at Keriakos, I drove down to Lover’s Lane, and played a quick 18.  I like this course just as much.  There were families playing disc golf together, some of them 7 or 8 strong.  Watching little kids learn was fun for me.

Around 4:30 I headed back, a little stiff, a little sore, but feeling pretty good about my day.

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