Spring Break

We are smack dab in the middle of Spring cleaning.  Hate it.  I don’t mind the cleaning up part, mind you, its the process of letting go of useless crap that I loathe.  Left alone in this pursuit, I would pile everything up, douse with a flammable liquid, light it, pour myself a scotch and watch it burn.

So, its also pre-garage sale organization as well.  Separating, pricing, boxing.

Goodwill gets the clothes and knick knacks we don’t have the courage to price, for fear someone might actually hand us money for them. (I got it in my head that I actually rent clothes from Goodwill, since they get them back eventually anyway, but I’m embarrassed a little to admit that I think I bought an item I had previously donated.)

I have made it abundantly clear that I am down with this until Thursday, when I am taking my ass to Bowling Green to play disc golf, on two of the nicest courses known to man.  It should be noted that I am past my personal plateau.  Its very frustrating to practice conscientiously and make no progress, but, I stayed at it, and I am happier with my distance and accuracy.

Can I get anyone anything while I’m in Kentucky?

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