Bringing This Back

Because there are new people to share this with:


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One response to “Bringing This Back

  1. That’s got to be an entirely new school of ukelele. Like the flutist, who can play no chords whatsoever, he uses time to fill in the harmonies, a graceful and rapid arpeggio. To do that many jazz chords on an uke and sail in and out of the meoldy at will like Hendrix, this man is surely a master. The choice of the song is very significant.

    The first band I was ever in, one of the guitarists was a purist. He had a Vox Super Beatle amp. He could faithfully reproduce almost any sound by the Beatles, Zep or the Byrds using either a Strat or an ES-335. He really wanted to do that song. But we never got around to it. After all, it was already five years old. We did do “One Way Out.” Maybe even some James Gang and Grand Funk Railroad.

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