Maybe I’ll Just Read Beale Instead

I have dozens of posts languishing in my ‘drafts’ folder.  They will probably remain there, unfinished, and eventually deleted because the subject matter has exceeded it’s shelf-life.    I can’t count how many times I’ve opened my laptop and started furiously typing away about something I’m outraged about, only to find that halfway through, I remember that this will not be important or relevant the next day.  Information flickers across my screen at such speed and volume that I literally cannot give it all the time for proper reflection.  I’ve come to resent the time it takes trying to do that.  Sure, take any event, and I could quickly craft a readable paragraph about it and move on, but the likelihood is that it would be framed in a partisan manner, that is, I would view said event as a Liberal, or as a Democrat, or as a tax-payer, and thus begin my analysis of it from one of those baselines.  I can’t explain why that feels so…flawed, yet it does.  So, I don’t expect to write so much about politics for awhile.  Or, you know, I might.

I don’t intend to insulate myself from news, of course, and as I make my rounds each day to my handful of trusted news or opinion sites, I may from time to time share something here that I read. I’m enjoying You-tube a great deal these days, so expect to see music videos.  I take a good deal of ribbing because I like to talk to strangers, but I really feel that a person’s time is better spent engaging blood and muscle than some disembodied alter ego that couldn’t survive in Meatworld.  So, I hope to write a little about the people I meet while I’m out and about.  Also, The Primary Wife has expressed a desire to share ideas on exercise and nutrition with area youngsters, so I’m anxious to help her do that, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my plans to win a Disc Golf Tournament by the time I’m 55.  I’m not even kidding, long before I was a Liberal or a Democrat or a father for that matter I was an athlete,  and it is high time (hee) that I asked more of my body than to be a repository for toxic material.  So, there it is.

I’m going to get another tattoo.  Maybe, “One Nation Under Par”?


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8 responses to “Maybe I’ll Just Read Beale Instead

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  2. democommie

    Hey Mack:

    Wanna see how to drive up your numbers? come to my house! Oh, don’t forget the clorox.

  3. Bring it on – both the drafts and the discs!

    As for the idea of your baselines being flawed, that’s gutsy to admit it. I want to correct this tendency in myself and stay true to a baseline not governed by others, even to the point of refusing to engage in the baseline behavior – arguing or blogging or whatever – simply out of habit.

    Engaging blood and muscle dovetails nicely with avoiding purposeless baselines. But thanks in any case for breaking away from the blood and muscle to share this with us.

  4. Dude, you know how many bloggers post pictures of their cats? (Including me!).

    Post those drafts, if they are relevant to you then they are relevant, period. This isn’t high literature we’re doing, it’s blogging.

  5. John, gutsy is all I have, since others took my share of raw talent.

    Beale, I post pics of my cats when they croak.

    Seriously, I know it isn’t high literature, but it could and should be more, and better, right?

    Oh, Demo, wtf?

  6. democommie


    Come over to my blog and look at my latest post, a post that is replete with deletions.

  7. Oh, damn. I missed a post. I was over reading Beale …

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