Saints Win!

Great game.  Great performances by Brees, Colston, Addai, and of course, Manning.  Excellent coaching, which may have been the difference.  Brees reminds me so much of Joe Montana, both in his ability to “feel” a pass rush, and his poise on the field.  I knew Manning could get rattled, and he threw a Favre -like pass in the 4th, which Porter saw coming from the snap.  Manning is an outstanding QB, but I’ve said it before…he sometimes gets rocked a little and a savvy Defensive coach can make him over-think at the line.

Congratulations, New Orleans, you deserve it!

EDIT: I can’t forget (I already did though) to mention what a rockin half-time show that was.  Unbelievable production!  God I love the Who.



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5 responses to “Saints Win!

  1. democommie


    The game was good. The kidney punch (legal) was the onside kick.

    The 1/2Who were great. Pete T. looked like Tony Soprano with a gitfiddle. I was standing next to a drummer at a local conversation venue (they have teevees and cold beer) during the performance. He said, those lexan drums are real purty. I said, “Yeah, but I bet they’re dead as hell.”. He replied that it didn’t matter as the guy on the board would work it all out before the crowd heard it.

    Have you ever heard, “Red Molly”? Three ladies who do some nice music. They played at our local music hall last saturday. Great show.

  2. No, by golly, no Red Molly. So solly.

    (Couldn’t help that)

  3. democommie

    Dude. check ’em out.

    Somebody on another blog said that the grossest thing he saw during the game was Pete T.’s belly. I think I’m gonna say it was seeing James Carville in frame, for maybe 2 seconds, after the game.

  4. Oh I thought the half time show was awful. I was afraid Townsend was going to break a hip. It made me feel terribly, horribly old.

    Please, NFL: no more AARP rockers at the Super Bowl. Those of us who remember these artists when they were hits the 1st time around don’t like to be reminded how fucking ancient we are.

  5. democommie

    Southern Beale:

    You’re an Ageist? I had no idea!

    I can’t wait for the “FiberCon Fest” with additional sponsors like Miracle Ear, Preparation H, PolyGrip and Porcelana Fade Cream. Keith Richards can be their spokescorpse.

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