Totally Ripping Off Sully

But he’s right, this is a beautifully made ad:


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2 responses to “Totally Ripping Off Sully

  1. democommie


    As you may be aware I have some differences of opinion, from time to time, with folks who think that “an armed society is a polite society”. On one of the blogs I compared driving to gun ownership as regards safety, training, regulations, death, etc.

    One of the Type 2A’s said that he disagreed with the government’s forcing him to wear a seatbelt–just as he disagrees with them forcing him to register, secure or behave responsibly with his firearms. Obviously he’s too smart and careful (it’s part of being a “responsible gun owner”) to ever HAVE an accident, but I wonder how he feels about other thoughtless drivers who might rear-end, t-bone or hit him head on?

  2. Hell, as long as they have enough liability insurance, I say let them do without wearing them. Life will take them out of the gene pool that much faster. There’s nothing like losing all your teeth on a steering wheel or busting your head through a windshield at forty miles an hour to give you a sense of real freedom from the gub’mint interference in your life.

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