There Are No Words

I’ve never felt so helpless as I did after reading this.  Sure, at first I was furious, then, I guess, despondent.  I’m completely unable to feel any connection to people who would do something like this.  I understand that there are sociopaths in the world, even to the point where I can at least acknowledge that they physically feel nothing when they commit these horrible crimes, and that at least helps me live with what they do.  But, the idea that this barbaric act was carried out after a “family counsel” meeting?  Are the men in this part of the world so threatened by the thought of not being able to control their women-folk that they would kill them at the first sign of trouble?  And in this fashion?


I got nuthin else right now.


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4 responses to “There Are No Words

  1. that’s terrible…
    Why would they kill her for talking to a boy? That’s ridiculous.

  2. What surprised me when I first heard about this story is that Turkey is a secular country, a very modern country. Not what one normally considers a backwards place.

    The good news is that the father and grandfather have been arrested. There are plenty of places in the world where an honor killing is ignored by the authorities.

    And let’s remember that there are plenty of abusive psychos in the western world who treat women horribly too.

  3. Yes, Beale, Turkey is for the most part secular. I’m not sure if the southern part of the country is or not, but this kind of barbaric behavior is not uncommon, and according to the article account for roughly half of all murders in Turkey.

    I’m just horrified by a father’s ability to do something like this to his child.

  4. democommie


    I think those murder numbers are way off and I’ve not had any luck getting them corroborated.

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