Move Your Money



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3 responses to “Move Your Money

  1. democommie

    I am reminded of a movie with Telly Savalas and Shelley Winters. It’s a Western and in one scene the evil commancheros have swooped down on a group of innocent business people of European backgrounds and killed most of them. I think it’s Winters that offers one of the red devils here “choker” of diamonds and other precious stones. He feeds it to her and she chokes on it. Scenes like that make me smile when I think about having that sort of thing happen to folks like Ms. Kelly who left the board of AIG today because her compensation was going to be limited by the terms of AIG’s agreement with its new owners, us.

  2. Nice Movie, Mr Himmler. Except the people didn’t show up on Christmas Eve with their money.
    Instead, they walked away from their homes (that they couldn’t afford to begin with) and FUCKED OVER George Bailey.
    Where’s your movie that shows the federal government and local thugs forcing George Bailey to give a mortgage to Violet?
    Benevolence and Charity do not equal Extortion. One is Choice. The other is force.

  3. democommie


    Was that comment a rebuttal of Mack’s post or my comment? If it’s a rebuttal of Mack’s post, I’m not sure what the Mr. Himmler thing is all about. If it had to do with my comment, it makes even less sense. Please be specific about who you’re talking to when making your groundless criticisms.

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