Ought Not Be Repeated

You gotta love Beale.  Her post today is a classic, and deserves to be read by everyone with a computer. ( A Y2K-proven computer, that is. )  Yes, I remember the fear merchants from my youth…people my age remember being forced to hide our heads under our desks at school, a ridiculous drill that none of us thought would protect us from a Soviet launched ICBM, but one we complied with anyway, lest we invite the wrath of a particularly patriotic teacher.  One advantage to being a half-century old is that you seldom see anything really new…

Anyway, for the most part, Beale is right…the decade that ushered in this Century was full fear and folly.  I can’t completely write it off though, since, as a result of the insanity, I made some great friends and identified some important voices.  Beale is one of them.



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5 responses to “Ought Not Be Repeated

  1. Awww, thanks Mack!!!


  2. democommie


    Me too, meeting good people.

    I remember when we used to do the “duck and cover” drills. One kid would always say, “While you’re down there, kiss your ass good-bye.”

  3. Tell me again about the war, granpa.

  4. democommie


    As in the previous thread, it’s unclear who you’re talking to and what you’re intending to say. Is it a joke, or are you pissed off about not being born during the early part of the “Cold War”?

  5. Mack

    Nah, Demo, he just stays pissed off.

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