Pats, and Patsys

There was no way I was going to miss last night’s game. For one thing, even though I’m a diehard 49er fan, and a Titan fan, I have been rooting for New Orleans for years, especially post Katrina. The other thing? I am so over the Pats. They have played some remarkable football this past decade, certainly to the point where you could easily apply the word “dynasty.” There was a time where you could never have them down far enough, Brady, like Manning, runs a mean 2 minute drill. But damn. The Saints were fired up from the opening kick-off. I haven’t seen hitting like that in awhile. Even with a 17 point lead late, the Saint’s running backs hit the line like they were 17 points behind. You could see it in Belichick’s face. the Pats are no longer the dominate NFL team. It was interesting to Brady rushed and forced out of sync with just a three man rush. The Saint’s linebackers and corners hit hard, and they kept up that intensity throughout the game.

Interesting note: I tried streaming the game at home with something called Justin TV. I don’t get it yet, but the site looks promising as way to watch sports unavailable to me as I have no satellite. Some feeds were blocked off, others kind of grainy…eventually, I gave up, drove to a friend’s house, and ruined her date by camping out on her couch and yelling at the television. What are friends for?

So, I guess there is a major Presidential speech scheduled for tonight. I’ll watch, because if Obama intends to send more troops, or keep the status quo, it is on him to justify the decision. Make me believe this is necessary, or brings our kids home. I was flattered yesterday that a couple of my readers actually want to read my perspective on current political issues..but I have to say, I ain’t feelin it. The town halls and online debates are, quite frankly, embarrassing for me as an American. We are seeing the effect of a couple of generations that grew up with Jerry Springer and Matt Drudge. But I do feel the need to make myself clear on a few things. To my Republican friends, I have to tell you that you don’t turn a Party around overnight. You may think you have some momentum built up, (and you do), but yours is not a party accustomed to a fractured rank and file. As a life-long Democrat, I can assure you we are fully capable of taking certain special interest’s money, giving them hope, and then crushing their dreams after winning the election. It is our modus operandi. Business as usual.

You guys are fond of saying that we have all taken a big ol swig of Obama Kool-Aid, and we will all be so very disappointed that we will stay home in 2010 and 2012. Hah. You don’t get it. We know, as does most of America, that you guys had your shot. You gave us a POTUS with sketchy qualifications at best. With control of all three branches, you did little to justify to the average person why you should remain in power. You put your crazies front and center, and you can try to say that Pelosi and Reid are cartoonish, but the unavoidable fact is that you foisted Ashcroft on an unsuspecting America, and we may never forgive you for that. So, properly motivated, the Democratic Party re-tooled, re-organized, and beat you handily last November. Go ahead and think it was ACORN if it helps you, but you and I know that you just didn’t have the man. Obama fever wasn’t so much a result of a candidate head and shoulders above the pack, (after all, we held a bitter Primary that alienated a lot of Dems) but a result of a Nation fed up with ineptness. We wanted eptness. One year in, I’m comfortable with this President. If he wins a second term, and still leaves gay Americans to twist in the wind, and we still have troops in the Middle East without a clear exit strategy, and, especially if we haven’t made true healthcare and education reforms, then I will burn my Democratic membership card and join those patriots over at Tea Bag Central. Nah, not really, but I’ll call myself a Libertarian just for shits and giggles.

Whew. That was a long time coming. I’m going back to bed now.


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  1. democommie

    Oh, Hell, yes!!

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