Our Day At Church

Rock Solid, Travis Damn Quillen, Chad420, and myself headed off yesterday to Crocket Park to pay homage to both the weather gods and the disc golf gods.  At 10 in the morning, we hit the first tee.  What a gorgeous day it was.  Two different things happened that literally had me falling to the ground.  The first thing happened on the third tee, as we were discussing why one of our group was absent.  Travis Damn Quillen summed it up this way:

“Vamos a la iglesia hoy”.  I spit out my drink and fell to the ground laughing, though, I realize that if you don’t know the circumstances, that may not strike you as very funny.  C’est la vie.

Ok, well, as i said the weather was perfect.  Around 10:15, I was down to my Popeye t-shirt and still felt overdressed.  There was a bit of a breeze, but really not enough to alter your throwing style.  I had some monster drives.  Rock Solid, as is his way, quietly made enough pars to stay in the race.  Chad420 was in better form than I have ever seen.  BuCIMG0006t, Travis Damn Quillen owned the day.  Here is a picture that shows his disc actually stuck between two of the wires that make up the basket.  Seriously, if you do not think this is difficult, try it standing right next to the basket.  It is nearly impossible to fold your disc so that it will fit in that much space.  Well, the second thing that brought me to my knees was how this disc came to be there.  It was launched from a different zip code.  I watched the damn thing leave Travis Damn Quillen’s hand in a blur, then sail off, first gently banking right, then changing direction like a F14 and slamming itself into the basket at 200 mph.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime shot.

I really hate that guy.


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2 responses to “Our Day At Church

  1. It sounds like this Travis guy has talent oozing from his disc-golf arm.

  2. You’ll have to try Liberty Park next. A couple of miles south of Crockett, it’s a new course with plenty of obstacles. Keep your disc low to the ground on #6 – the branches are disc-eaters!

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