I’m Not Mentioning That SuperMousey Hurled 3 Times.

Or, yakked, if you prefer. No, I won’t do that, because I have many other choices… If I want, I can entertain and indeed thrill my readers with tales from afar…seeing as we just returned from our trip to the Nation’s Capitol.  I could mention I literally ran into Norm Coleman around the corner from the White House.   Or, I could mention the 1400 mile journey through the Appalachians on our big loop of a drive.  I could point to a moment this weekend where my son and I stood on the last vessel to sink an enemy ship at Pearl harbor.  I could even talk about  beautiful suburban Maryland and that we stayed within walking distance of where the Blair Witch Project was filmed.  (The cemetery is quite small.)

But I won’t do any of those things.  Because, I found this,  and I love it more than life itself:


So, come by tomorrow and read about our trip.  Or don’t.



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7 responses to “I’m Not Mentioning That SuperMousey Hurled 3 Times.

  1. democommie


    Awesome. He looks enough like Chris Cooper that they could make a movie based on his gripping, taut thriller of a life story. That little lady looks purty spicy, too. Nah, I ain’t talkin’ bout the granny or the little girl child, but the one in the middle–she’s juuuuuuuuuuust right.

  2. The Missus

    If I wanted to buy a used mobile home, he would be my guy.

  3. democommie

    I can see an MTV production coming out of this:

    “Dude, where’s my double-wide?”

  4. Demo, got a weird email from you yesterday, with a strange link. It sent me back to my own inbox, instead of your blog.

  5. Stacy

    I’m thinking about getting one of their Cullman t-shirts!

  6. democommie


    I don’t know what that’s all about, but if you go to my blog you will see the post I wanted you to look at.

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