Roughing It

A gust of wind no stronger than a mouse fart managed to snap our power and phone lines this week.  The electric company was out in 30 minutes, we were hot in 90.  Great job.  The phone company needs three days, minimum.  ATT, you suck.  I’m out of touch for a bit, y’all.  back soon.


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4 responses to “Roughing It

  1. democommie


    The phone companies are all teh SUCK as far as I’m concerned.

    Hope you get it straightened out soon.

  2. democommie


    Tell me you’re not still waiting for your utilities to get re-connected.

  3. Sorry, my good man, I’ve been away. Scroll up, and experience my awesomeness.

  4. My last two go-rounds with AT&T made me want to gouge my eyes out. If not for the fact Comcast (which yeah, didn’t really want to go that route either) were being buttholes and insisting on sending someone out and making me pay an installation fee even though it hadn’t been but a couple of years since I dropped cable (in which case I could have self-installed at no extra charge, had I still had cable or not been without that long) – yeah, I was all ready to ditch AT&T at least twice in the last year or so.

    Two occasions which included probably a dozen extremely painful phone calls.

    At one point during one of them I said, “You know, with BellSouth you could call up and get an automated automatic answer about this stuff instead of being on hold for 45 minutes, I’m sorry but I’m really missing BellSouth” – and the AT&T rep said, “Yeah, I’m hearing that a lot”…. ugh.

    I never thought BellSouth’s service was all that fantastic back in the day, but they now look like a million bucks service-wise compared to AT&T’s worthless (maybe one cent, maybe not even that much) customer service.

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