Made Me Laugh

Supermousey just came downstairs crying about “clearance puppy.”  Anybody know what thats about?



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7 responses to “Made Me Laugh

  1. Doesn’t that come from Marley and Me? (I didn’t see it, but I have heard the nieces say it too.)

  2. Newscoma. Yup. I still teased her.

  3. newscoma,

    Don’t bother with “Marley and Me.” Only mildly amusing at best. Read the book. A dog-lover’s treat. Written with a lot of heart and unmistakable love.


    Was in the Santa Ysabel valley last week. Got real quiet after sunset just to figure out what kinds of wildlife we could hear. Heard what I guess was a very young coyote. High-pitched and very long, drawn-out howl followed by yipping. One of the saddest sounds I have ever heard.

  4. FJ, the coyotes out West, (where I am from) look different than the ones that live on this property. Here, they are much bigger, and seldom howl except in packs.

  5. demoocommie

    Up here in the “blue” northeast (partly from politics, partly from the friggin’ cold) we are overrun with domestic/feral crossbreeds. One of the eeriest sounds in nature is that of a Shitote (shih tzu/coyote cross) in full throat, second only to that of a Coyoodle for blood curdlingnessosity.

  6. demoocommie

    I AM demoocommie! damnnit!!

  7. Hey, clearance puppy was awesome!
    And I disagree, Flying Junior!! I thought the movie was awesome! Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are pretty good actors. (:
    But I’ve also read the book, which is, as you said, a dog-lover’s treat. =D

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