Democrats: Bruno Was Right

We pass health care reform without some form of public option, and anything resembling mandates, we deserve to lose control of the House.  As a friend of mine put it, imagine a House full of Michele Bachmans.

Part of me thinks the Right overplayed their hand, and did so too early.  That created an opportunity, and if we miss this, I’ve lost faith in the Democratic Leadership.  Whoever that is…


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3 responses to “Democrats: Bruno Was Right

  1. democommie

    I’m thinking of writing another letter to my congress critters. Do you think the salutation:

    “Hey you! Yeah, you; you spineless fuck!” is a tad too harsh?

  2. I think you are still mincing words, Demo.

  3. Yes, as I wrote on my blog today, the Democrats really fucked this one up. We can’t have a public option because Repubs are afraid it will lead to single payer. But we can’t actually talk about whether that’s a good or bad thing because single-payer was never under consideration. So we’ve got Republican fear-mongering and the Democrats completely unable to respond.

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