Can’t Afford To Wait

Been a loyal Democrat a very long time.  Heres the bottom line, at least for me.  If we get a Health Reform Bill that does not include a public option, and has mandates to purchase, I’m out.  I dislike drawing a line in the sand, but I can’t stomach this kind of self-serving leadership.  I have sick friends who don’t give a damn whether you get another term or not.  Sometimes, you use your majority and pass a bill that helps ordinary working folks, and then you stand up and take what comes.  Too many people gave their time, energy, and money to see that we got a majority, and to see it frittered away in the face of fierce opposition by a minority of disgruntled Americans is more than I can take.


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4 responses to “Can’t Afford To Wait

  1. democommie


    Leave the party, just don’t forget to vote for them in any election where they have a GOP opponent.

  2. The Missus

    Mack, I feel your pain. Many of us have been the red-headed step children of our own party for a long time. Even the AFL-CIO has said they will sit out the mid-terms if a public option is not passed.
    Imagine the Obama Presidency with a Republican House of Representatives. Michele Bachman with subpeona power = very scary.

  3. democommie

    The Missus:

    Which is exactly what the reichwing hopes and prays for.

  4. Mack-
    I’ve said the same thing for the same reason.
    But then what do we do? Vote for Kucinich? Nadar?
    As long as I’ve been voting it’s been who is the closest to my ideas, not who has the same, like Dennis.
    Seriously, who will you vote for?

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