Logic Is Male Hysteria!

Talk about a weird morning.  I’m stumbling around (figuratively) and came across this, which made me laugh out loud.  (See, Supermousey, people can and do actually type the whole phrase out!)  Anyway, earlier in my morning, I thought I noticed something new in ACK’s aggregator, and, after reading it and following the link to her “co-worker“, I actually Rolled On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off.  I mean, a handful of clueless, mean-spirited self described Conservative women hold a meeting and suddenly declare feminism dead?  Hey, ladies, let me offer a bit of advice…You might want to pick an easier target than Aunt B.  If you are lucky, she will ignore you, but if she decides to take you on, you will rather quickly find out how ridiculous and shallow your arguments really are. The fact is, you are coming to a gunfight armed with a knife.  Plus, you just don’t have the intellectual weight for this kind of thing.

What you might do instead:  Describe what you empowered conservative women are going to do with this new, um, empowerment.  What are these strong women going to do once they are unleashed, so to speak?  Will you develop and implement a strategy that might lower Tennessee’s infant mortality rate?  Will you see to it that once women make the choice of “life”, that they have access to quality medical care?  Will you get elected to school boards and demand that we stop rigging the test results just to keep the Federal dollars flowing?

I read your sites.  You have no interest in actually doing anything.  It seems the crux of your involvement in politics is to “fight Liberals.”  It says so, right there on your “about” page.  I wanted to read some of your other “writings” on feminism, but you failed to provide any links.

See, I have a few problems with modern day feminism as well.  It isn’t the goals, as I understand them, its the lack of a “lets see if we can’t frame this argument in a way that men can process so that the importance of this argument isn’t lost on those who have a penis but not a PhD….

Oh, and the whole name calling thing too.  Oh, and, yes, it can be a tad rigid.

But, at least the feminists I know actually care about policy, and how it affects those without political power.  In my opinion, they are fighting for the most fundamental of all liberties…the right to have sole authority over their bodies.  If you can’t see that point, please don’t come to me spewing half-assed crap about liberty.  You just don’t understand it.

Calling yourselves smart girls ain’t gonna make it so, ladies.  Any damn fool can get him/herself elected.(See Marsha Blackburn or Stacy Campfield)  Or start a website.  (See The Coyote Chronicles) Or whore herself out to make a buck. (See Michelle Malkin)

It really is about what you do for people once you get there.  But, thats just logic.


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  1. democommie


    You’re just being emotional!

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