Looks Like The Amazon Jungle

A few weeks ago, I told a friend that I’ve become worried by how widespread poor pasture management has become.  I see acre after acre of pastures with livestock foraging around for edible grass amidst all of the broadleaf intruders.  Weeds, everywhere.  Polk salat has been my problem this year.  Well, it turns out that this area hasn’t had this kind of wet Summer in forever.  The drought we experienced two years ago weakened the grass stands, I’m told, allowing the weeds to take over, especially when it gets and stays this wet.  Apparently, this caught even experienced farmers by surprise.  I had no clue, but a call to the UT Extension office offered some answers.  The man on the phone is coming by tomorrow to help me build what he called a “pasture management scheme.”  Yea!  Frankly, I’m ready to do a complete burn and start over.  I dutifully took my soil samples to be analyzed, and followed the recommendations the best I could.  (Adding nutrients is an expensive process)

Lets hope I don’t have to resort to spraying any harsh chemicals.  Not likely, but I can hope.

Beyond the weather related reasons, i just think a great many people inherited land from relatives, but never learned how to keep it up.  I suppose thats fine, but at least don’t plop a bunch of horses on it and just forget about them.



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3 responses to “Looks Like The Amazon Jungle

  1. What’s polk salat? I always thought it was Pork Salad Annie. Never understood that song.

  2. democommie


    Add goats. They eat everything–and taste good, later!

  3. Amber, its actually polk salat, or polk salad. No one is clear on which is correct. Its edible.

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