C-Ya, Patrick

I don’t usually do dead celeb stuff.  They are just people, and, well, people die.  Its just been a strange year for those of us old enough to start losing people in our age bracket.  Michael, Farrah, Jim Carroll, and now, Patrick Swayze.  Not a great actor, really, but entertaining to watch.  I guess I’ll never get to ask him the question thats been bothering me for over a decade…Was “Roadhouse” supposed to be that campy?  If so, it was brilliant.  If not, it was possibly the worst movie ever made.  Ah, well, you will rightly be remembered for “Dirty Dancing” and “Ghost”.  I saw neither of them.  But millions of people did, and they were huge hits.  I dug ya in “Point Break,” even though it was a stinker.   So,  I prefer to think you went after The Big Wave, and you’re not coming back.  Rest easy, Bodee.


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