Letter From A Lefty

I’m probably working against myself by not giving in to the impulse to rant about the collective stupid.  It is indeed everywhere.  It just seems like such low hanging fruit, you know, fish/barrel.  At some point, I just have to have faith that a lot of it will die off in a generation or two.  I have to believe that  appearing on television and spouting ridiculous things will one day bring shame to you, so much so that you slink off to sulk and never return.  Today, it means book deals, appearance fees, your own show on Fox. Such are the perks of instant fame these days.  Anyway, on to something not so indulgent…

My brother asked me a question the other day, one that, initially at least, seems easy enough to answer.  Except that it wasn’t.  Because it was one I hadn’t asked myself.

“How do you feel about the job Obama is doing?”

For a millisecond, I searched for the proper adjective to use…I rejected these out of hand:  Awesome.  Great.  Terrible.  Delicious.  Fluffy, Not Stuffy.  (Possessing a 3rd grade education really limits your choices when casting about in search of adjectives, right?)  So, I came up empty.  But, oddly enough, hungry.  So, I fixed myself a snack and started to give his question the thought it deserved.  I was sure that by the time I finished my chips and salsa, I would have a one sentence answer that would satisfy him and then I could get back to being indifferent for awhile.

I feasted on chips, grapes, almonds, cookies, oyster crackers, breakfast cereals, fruit bats, and….

I got nuthin.  Except slightly bloated.

So, instead, as is my fashion, I crafted a open letter to POTUS:

Dear Mr. President,

My name is Mack Hussein Farmer.  I’m a Democrat.  I voted for you.  I contributed a few bucks to your campaign.  I went door to door, here in Guns&JesusLand, on your behalf.  In short, I bought a fare on the Hope and Change Express.  Because I’m not 22, and because I pay attention, I didn’t expect to arrive in Shangra La without quite a number of stops along the way.  Two wars, a crumbling economy, and a divided electorate make for a pretty full schedule.  I also knew, because I pay attention, and because I read your book, that I wasn’t helping elect a Liberal.  I knew there were going to be policy I disagreed with, even hated, but I was willing to roll the die on your judgment and that of your advisers.  I’m also ready to admit that though I am engaged and informed, I do not possess the information that you do.  So, though I want our children home from Iraq and Afghanistan, I’m willing to adopt a wait n see posture with the hope that you will at least see that the profiteers are no longer calling the shots.  But, seriously, those of us who lived through Vietnam are hearing all the same strategies and excuses, and we really don’t want another person killed when the end result is likely to be a complete withdrawal anyway.

Immigration is another issue near and dear to me, because I believe at it’s core, it is a human rights issue.  Again, I am realistic about my expectations.  It is a complicated issue, and in the end, I know any legislation passed is going to displease a large number of voters.  I will no doubt be one of them.

The fact is, there is so much work to do, so many decisions to make, that disappointment is inevitable.  I don’t think its possible to appease the Left without alienating the Right, and vice versa.  So, do us all a favor, and push through the agenda you’d like to see in place.  Sure, its going to make the Right Wing scream bloody murder, but if you think about it, at least they could complain about something done, as opposed to something proposed.  If you believe you know whats best for this country, make it happen, at least half of this country has your back. There isn’t a soul drawing breath today that could garner better numbers.

Lastly, I think its great that you took some much needed vacations.  I think its important for families to experience new places together.  Maybe, though, its imprudent to take anymore time away.   With so many Americans out of work, it can look a little cavalier to be off sightseeing while this many of us are having trouble just staying afloat.

Congrats on Sotomayor.  I hope you get to appoint another Supreme Court Justice.



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2 responses to “Letter From A Lefty

  1. democommie


    As disappointed as I am in many of the things that seem to be careening over the same cliff as Bushco, I think of how much worse a McPalin presiduncey would be.

  2. Good letter, Mack.
    Tonight (Wednesday) will tell us if he will stand up to the right wing, and be loyal to those of us who supported him and expect him to keep his promise to us about health care and public options.

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