Jolted From My Doldrums

Was it health care?  Afghanistan?  The Tn Governor’s race?  Nope.

True Blood.  Hooked me in the first episode.  Lost me forever with this “Frenzy” episode.  Last week, I told some friends I was giving the show one more week.  It has gone well past camp, and is now dangling on the precipice of too stupid to watch.  Pity.  I loved Alan Ball’s “Six Feet Under”.  I think the final episode of that series was probably the best single episode of television I have ever seen.  So, excited as I was about this new undertaking, (sorry) I just can’t take another minute.  I could write this show.



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6 responses to “Jolted From My Doldrums

  1. It’s cheeseball but I’m having a mad love affair with the blond swedish man. Yes please.

  2. The Missus

    Mychal you are not alone.

  3. Eric???!!! He started out tough as nails, but has since been reduced to a sniveling little con artist.

    But those eyes..

  4. democommie


    The only cable at my house is the one that attaches my ladders and my giant yellow toolbox to the side of the house.

  5. sniff. I don’t do cable either.

  6. We just got into True Blood the last few weeks, too. Very inventive! I think the season ends soon, tho.

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