Ready For The Townhall?

I am.


H/T:  Jordan Gregory


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7 responses to “Ready For The Townhall?

  1. democommie


    My comment is:

    What am I supposed to be looking at? There’s nothing there.

  2. Dad says the picture that is supposed to be there is not showing up. 😦 he’ll try and reduce the size and see if it helps later. use your imagination until he gets there, he says. 😀

  3. democommie


    Now I see it. Cool, if I come down there can we go out and shoot up old refrigerators and stuff?

  4. The Missus

    No one will even notice that pink shirt.

  5. democommie


    That shirt ain’t pink; it’s coral, or maybe it’s that “pre-washed red” I’ve been reading so much about in Elle–I mean Field and Stream.

  6. Damn, Missus. Whats the point of holding that big-ass phallic symbol if all you are going to notice is my shirt? Sheesh, it was heavy.

  7. democommie


    I’m still not seeing a photo of you “touching it”. Was it good for you, too?

    BTW, you’re blogrolled at my house!

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