Make It Stop

Decided, against my better judgment, to tune into CNN this morning to catch up on the news.  I long ago abandoned the Unrequited Love Between Joe And Mika Show, for all the obvious reasons, but once in a while I like to get some news without pointing and clicking and, well, sitting.  Sometimes, I need to be mobile.  Radio isn’t an option, obviously.  So, I turned on the set and decided to try CNN for a bit.  The first ten minutes was devoted to an interview with Sen Conrad, who was pushing the idea of Co-OPs for health-care insurance.  OK, I’m no fan, but he is someone who will get to vote on some bill, whenever it gets to the floor.

It was all downhill from there.

The next segment had to do with, I swear to my personal God, Tom Delay’s Dancing With The Stars.  Not satisfied with just reporting on his participation, CNN decided to do an entire segment on past politicians and cabinet members who may have…..wait for it… danced at one time or another.  They showed Madeline Albright wriggling along with some schoolgirls somewhere.  They ran that horrible piece of video that shows Karl Rove “rapping” and “dancing”.  George Bush made the segment, as did Michelle Obama.  Still, the bit needed more…

Cut to a group of young people staring at a monitor and “rating” each of these performances.  I kid you not.  Quite a bit of production work went into this.  Fighting back nausea, I reached a shaky hand out, grasped the remote, and punched in the numbers for MSNBC.  I’ll give you one guess what they were reporting on….

I’m going to see if my I can make a sling for my laptop, or some kind of tool-belt style rig so it frees up my hands a little.

Television news is a wasteland.



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4 responses to “Make It Stop

  1. democommie


    Thanks, I’ve been thinking that getting cabletubez and a teevee device might make me more “attractive” to women of the opposite sex who would come over to watch the teevee. I realize, now, that I don’t want them kindsa women. S’okay, plan “B” was to spend the money on mood altering substances like rum and tequila!

  2. That way llies madness, Mack. Next thing you know, you’ll hit the wrong numbers on that remote and Fox will be on – best to just stay away from TV news unless you’re on the Comedy Channel where you know what you’re getting.

    If I get mental images of Madeline Albright dancing, I’m coming after you, damn you ass.

  3. martin kennedy

    Funny. I was waiting for a bus in downtown Nashville at the Music City Center. Went to the waiting room for five minutes and that is the story that was on. It really is bizarre no?

  4. democommie


    This is way better than “Limpin’ Legislators”:

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