Most Craven Politician Alive Today

Sometimes, I get ready to vent my anger and frustration at those that purposely appeal to the worst in people, and then I read Beale, who says it far better than I ever could.

I just want to add this to what she says:  Palin, you are a heartless, soul-less, conniving bitch.  Using your baby as a prop to score cheap points may be your personal low, but I kinda doubt it.  Come and ask The Primary Wife what it is like to have to fight an insurance company while caring for a terminally ill husband at the ripe old age of 29.  She was so mad when she read your stupid comments I thought for a minute she would hop on a plane, locate you, and kick your sorry butt.  I’m not sure I would have stopped her.



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7 responses to “Most Craven Politician Alive Today

  1. democommie

    Sarah Palin is a conniving, mendacious, bitch. Some folks might think I’m being sexist in using the word, “bitch”, and suggest that I apologize. Okay, I apologize to all of the wonderful mothers, sisters and daughters of our four legged friends whose character I have impugned by linking them, with that label, to that sociopathic hockeymom from hell.

  2. democommie


    SB is generating some serious commenting on that thread.

  3. Wow, Demo, yes indeed. I chimed in.

  4. Mack–
    Just a heads up on Thurday (13th–tomorrow) if you can, go to Centennial Park at 4:30. Health care rally until 6.

  5. democommie


    Take some pictures, the local media probably won’t.

  6. Wish i could go, Demo. Way behind here. Course, you could come and help, dammit.

  7. democommie

    I could but that lazy bastard “Bud” is useless as teats on a boar when it comes to hanging shitrock or sweating joints on copper.

    He is really, really good at “ball”, eating, “drag the human” and crapping in nearly inaccessible locations under the neighbor’s arbor vitaes.

    Except for the fact that it will likely get ugly I’d say send SuperMousey and her pal down to do a photo shoot. They could pretend they’re Reptilispawn and get the brave Swiftmedders to show off their CC pieces and nice hand lettered signs (that look suspiciously similar from one event to the next).

    Hey, if you’re interested :

    and did you hear about the “Butterfly” parade in Phoenix?

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