There Is Only One Way To Deal With A Bully

Glad to see that there is a little fight left in progressive politics.  It really chaps me when Liberals and Democrats slink away when confronted by unruly, disruptive bullies.  Sometimes, you just have to go toe to toe.  My experience has been that more often than not, calling a bully’s bluff will result in him/her retreating, and damn fast.  These people aren’t driven by real conviction.  They aren’t ‘freedom fighters.”  They are, typically, angry, marginalized people looking to direct their fury at something they perceive as weaker than them.

Still, the suggestions offered in the article, while civilized and gentlemanly, probably won’t deter future groups.  Much as I hate to say it, I think its time for some young Dems to step up and get in some people’s faces.  Yes, there will probably be fights.  A fistfight isn’t the end of the world.  Never throw the first punch.  Throw the second, and subsequent punches with the idea to end it as quickly as possible.  Most fights usually end up being pointless wrestling matches anyway.  Fights don’t look in real life like they do in the movies.

I’m not advocating violence.   I really think that unless they have an overwhelming advantage numbers-wise, most of these people will avoid a fight at all costs.  So, for Progressives,  there is truly safety in numbers.  Organize.  Anticipate.  Mobilize.  And for God’s sake,  don’t wear a tie.  Let a few of these “organic” uprisings end in a melee, and pretty soon, it will be a lot less fun to go shout down your political opponents.  Bottom line:  Bullies are cowards.

Now, go to work.



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13 responses to “There Is Only One Way To Deal With A Bully

  1. democommie


    And just make sure if you’re not wearing a tie that you do wear your “rodeo champ” belt and instead of an “emergency dime”–just carry a roll of quarters.

  2. But most progressives are driven by emotion, not logic, so the chances of them getting violent are very high.

    It’ll look great on CNN.

  3. By the way, I haven’t seen any of the right wing “bullies” doing anything but yell, but I notice how many of the comments in your link advocate violence. You yourself advocate a violent response, with a nice disclaimer.
    Against mostly middle-aged and older victims.

    How proud for you and yours.

  4. Nah, Ex. I’m just saying that like we should have done with the Brooks Bros Brigade in Florida, we need to stand up to these people and shout them down when necessary. Sometimes, the truly frustrated will resort to violence, but, unless gunplay is involved, it shouldn’t amount to much. Most people are not capable of dealing with real physical force. So, they will most likely back down.

  5. That first paragraph perfectly described someone you helped create (which I forgive you for) who knows little or nothing of politics, but writes well so can give a false impression, and that person has not retreated, but validates his/her entire existence by being the bully of the blogosphere, and I see no signs of that changing, or the sheep that follow that person’s lead.

  6. PS–Yes, Bullies are cowards. The worst kind, in my book. As long as they get the attention they are so desperate for, they don’t care who they run over or the lies they tell to try to bring down those they perceive as a threat or if that person takes some attention away from them.
    Bullies are pure narcissists.

  7. Exador:

    I don’t know about a lot of people on this blog advocating for violence. Otoh, you’ve got “mainstream” rightwing commentators like G. Hardon Little, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Michael (Weiner) Savage, Jay Severin and others saying a lot of pretty nasty shit on a regular, if not daily, basis. With the exception of Coulter, I doubt that any of them are up for a couple of rounds of “Punchy feely”. And when you go into the blogosphere, well; sites like LGF, FreeRepublic and many others are cesspits of stupidity and vicariously violent folks.

    While I’ve never threatened to physically assault anyone simply for stating their views, I’ve had more than a few reichwing fucktards threaten me with bodily harm.

    I did have a short confrontation with some blowhard shit-for-brains at the local supermarket a few months back. He was pissing and moaning about his gas utility bill and saying that it was the fault of Obama, Obama’s democrat controlled congress and the unions who were squeezing the working man dry to fund their prorgams. When I told him that he was wrong–and told him why–he didn’t have much else to say. He had about 20-30 pounds on me and was much younger. Maybe he was afraid he’d hurt me but I think he just wasn’t used to being called on his bullshit.

  8. What ex said is the elephant in the room – most of these people you are wanting to “fight”, either physically or verbally, are old or middle aged.

    90% of the “bullies” I’ve seen are scared old people.

    Good job.

  9. Oh, please. I’ve clearly stated that you meet them where they live. If they yell, yell back. If they advance, stand your ground.

    I’m certainly not advocating walking up to “scared old people” and body-slamming them on the sidewalk.

    But, then, you knew that.

  10. Mack:

    “I’m certainly not advocating walking up to “scared old people” and body-slamming them on the sidewalk.

    But, then, you knew that.”

    Goddamnit! When I was 7,8 years old I got pushed around allatime by people that were 25 or 30 years older than me. Samo, samo when I was in the AF. I’ve been painting little “walkers” on the fender of my Ranger. Payback’s a bitch!

    Seriously, the YR’s and the knuckleheads that queue up for NotJoe, the NotPlumber or Sarah the Impalinator and the like are not ALL old people by any means.

    The town I live in has three Nukes and a coal burning powerplant (we also have pretty much the highest cost per KwH in the area). Since the companies want to not be bothered with such things as retired employees suing them for job related cancers, etc., they use a lot of contractors. A lot of the contractors come from southern states. When I talk to them about the tax rates around here, they piss and moan about how they’re being robbed. Of course the fact that their employers juggle the numbers to pay the lowest taxes or PILOT (Payments In Lieu Of Taxes) is not a factor they want to figure in. Ultimately it boils down to “Well, if’n y’all don’t know how to make a better deal, that’s your problem.” At which point I say, “And the same goes for you, coming here, without knowing what the tax burden is in this neck of the woods.”

    Nothing, in the way of goods and services, in this life is free. That’s the way it is. Somebody’s got to pay and people that want only lower taxes will be among the first to howl when they lose services.

  11. BTW, I’m going to be 60 in about 76 days (not that I’m counting). Does that make me old, or middle- aged? I’m just curious who I should be allowed to pick a fight with.

  12. The Missus

    Demo 60 is the new 40!

  13. Shit! Does that mean I have to work till I’m 85?

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