Mexican American Idiot

Ha.  Watch the search engines go nuts with that title.

Took Supermousey to her first concert.  Actually, Rock Solid, his talented daughter, Fierce Monsoon, Supermousey and I all went to see Green Day at the Sommet Center on Friday.  AWESOME.  Now, I know the haters don’t consider Green Day a “true punk” band, but, well, I do. If I hear third wave ska, I’m happy, cuz its punk enough.  Heres what caught me by surprise:

Billy Joe Armstrong is sexxxxxxxxxy.  I know this, because the gaggle of 19yr old girls from Kentucky sitting (standing, actually) next to us kept screaming that out to him.  Of course, I’m not surprised that any rock star, even at 38 yrs old can still be considered sexy, but I am surprised that 19 yr old girls still think so. But, boy, what a potty mouth!

All I know, he is one talented sumbitch.  They hit the stage on time, and didn’t stop moving and shaking for three straight hours.  This guy has unbelievable energy.  The whole band seems to feed off of that energy, and i got the feeling watching them that they were having fun performing, and that makes it fun for the audience.  These guys are talented musicians, furreal.  I didn’t catch his last name, but Jason, a guitarist that has been with them since 1999, was amazing.  He’s no front-man, but damn can he pick.  Toward the end of the show, Armstrong asked for someone out of the audience to come up and play guitar, (something they must do alot, since there were mad signs asking them to “let me play guitar!” in the audience) Sure enough, he spotted a kid way the hell out there in the crowd that was wearing a funky looking tie dye shirt, and asked him to come up.  The kid wailed. Someone got laid that night.

Ha.  I made a point of calling Rock Solid to make sure our section at the Sommet had chairs.  Not that we ever sat in them.  In fact, the girls were standing on their seats the entire concert, so me and Rock had to stand to make sure they didn’t topple down during a screaming frenzy.  I had fun watching people crowd surf, including one guy I’m pretty sure was Refrigerator Perry, and he made it all the way to the stage, leaving, I’m sure, a dozen injured people in his wake.

Unfortunately, there were too many dicks in the mosh pit, or I might have joined in, a desperate attempt to recapcha my youth.  Wait, we didn’t mosh in the 60s….we mostly just passed joints around and bobbed our heads.

Anyway, we all had a great time.  Now I’m in concert mode…bring on The Kings Of Leon in October!



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5 responses to “Mexican American Idiot

  1. democommie


    I likes me some “Green Day”. Crowd surfing? not a chance. Passing some herbal meds about? um, who all’s reading this?

  2. THANK YOU!!
    The concert was totally amazing. My scream is forever screwed up because I was screaming my head off. Green Day put on a hell of a show. It was spectacular. Whenever me and Fiercemonsoon get together, we are constantly talking about the concert and how much we want to go again and again and again.
    And now I shall be monitoring Tokio Hotel’s 2009 tour….mwahahah. (:

  3. I think I’m old enough to be Supermousey’s mom, and I, too, find Biily Joe hot hot hot. He was one the first straight men to wear guyliner in the early 90s. It really makes his beautiful eyes stand out.
    And as a talent, I’ve been a fan just as long, though the cd “American Idiot” is at the top of my list for favorites by Green Day. Also, Billy J. is very involved in rebuilding New Orleans, and I love a guy with an altruistic side.
    Anyhow, glad y’all had a great time!!!!

  4. democommie

    I’m old enough to be Billy J.’s dad, but I loves me some Green Day (based on just a few tunes).

  5. Sharon, we live in Tennessee. Supermousey is old enough to be supermousey’s mom….

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