Paging Lucy Parsons

I’m at a total loss as to why this idea hasn’t been embraced everywhere.  Besides the obvious benefits for working families, the environment, and  especially workers themselves, I’m wondering if travel and leisure companies wouldn’t see a significant uptick, given that every weekend would be 3 days long, and allow people to take longer trips together.  Sure, the school year might prevent such travel, but there are plenty of scheduled breaks there as well.

I’m also struck by the notion that workers must stayed moored to the 40 hr week.  Why not 36?  32?  I mean, most of us don’t perform jobs that, if left undone, would dramatically alter someones life, right?  We manage to take two days off a week, why is three impossible?

Maybe, we stagger the day attached to the weekend.  Certain services would remain open on Fridays, like, say, the DMV, so people could take care of important errands on one day off.  Give those workers Monday off.  Or, stick a day off in the middle of the week.  We manage to do this for religious reasons…I remember when I first moved to the South, I was floored that my bank was closed on Wednesday afternoons.  I was informed that this was because most churches offered a Wednesday service.  Fine.  It took me some time to acclimate, but, eventually, I learned to do my banking on the other 4 days available to me.

The Adamson Act is almost 100 yrs old.  It was considered radical at the time.  It was also the first time the Federal Govt mandated what a private company could demand of it’s employees, and, it Act was considered Constitutional by the Supreme Court.   So, there is precedent.  I’m not necessarily advocating for a Govt mandated change in the legal workweek, but there seems to be ample evidence that it is beneficial to almost everyone.  The Ford Motor Company realized that a happy workforce was a more productive workforce almost a century ago, has that lesson been lost?

We are not a Nation that depends on manufacturing anymore.  I really don’t see a downside.  Am I missing something?


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2 responses to “Paging Lucy Parsons

  1. democommie


    I’d be all for it, if I had a job.

  2. I’ve thought about that quite a bit. I would LOVE to work 10 hr days 4 days a week! Of course that’s several hours less than I work now. It would be heaven.

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