Has To Be Said

Not so long ago, I opined on the behavior of a certain young speechwriter who works for Obama.  It cost me dearly.  People I had known for quite some time felt completely comfortable calling me a misogynist, among other things.  I do not intend to rehash that whole ridiculous argument, but once again, I feel compelled to ask this question to the various online and print pundits breathlessly uncovering every sordid detail of the relationship between Sen Paul Stanley and  Mckensie Morrison:

Why is any of this our business?  Affairs are quite common.  I’ll admit, affairs that result in clumsy blackmail schemes are not that common, but I have seen precious little info reported about  that actual criminal activity.

I was heartsick by way the Steve McNair murder was rationalized by some, because he was “stepping out.”  Or, because he had taken advantage of an otherwise wholesome young woman.  It was murder, for crying out loud.  There is never an excuse for murder.

I do not respect Stanley’s politics.  I think he has shown he is willing to vilify certain fellow Americans for political gain.  I think, legislatively speaking, he is a coward and a bully.  It turns out, he is an adulterer.  I could care less.  The man could sleep with every woman in Nashville (and even every man, as long as it excludes me) and I wouldn’t raise an eyebrow, provided he didn’t actively use his position to coerce someone into sleeping with him.  Did he?  I don’t know.  Neither does anyone else, save for him, Ms. Morrison, and possibly the TBI.  Yet, I keep seeing articles and opinions calling for this man’s resignation, when there isn’t yet evidence of a crime.  As a Democrat, I want to see this guy gone, and fast.  As a human being, I find no joy in his failings as a husband.  I posted this comment in a thread over at Post Politics:

Not every interaction between older, powerful man, and younger, “powerless” woman, is a result of predatory behavior by one person or the other. None of us knows the basis for this relationship. I, for one, am uncomfortable with the speculation for sport aspect of the coverage, and of the endless, ill-informed opinions on the matter.

Sometimes, men react irresponsibly when dealing with attractive women. Maybe, in their whole life, they never dealt with the attention of a fawning, beautiful young woman. Some handle it badly. But it isn’t always predatory.

I find Stanley sleazy for other reasons. But,if it turns out this man pursued this woman and in any way used his position to further that goal…he needs to go.

If this was instigated by her, for love or money, I don’t think he has to resign over it. He will have to deal with the repercussions from family. It is a private matter, best handled without the sensationalism from a lazy, voyeuristic press.

The truth is, there are women predators out there too.  I’m not willing to hang that label on Ms. Morrison, because I see no evidence that she had something in mind other than a covert sexual relationship.  Fairness demands that I extend the same courtesy to Mr. Stanley, does it not?  The thing is, I just don’t find the subject matter all that fascinating.  I think too many people are using this, and countless other “scandals”, to point at and judge others, and I find it all so Springer-like.




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4 responses to “Has To Be Said

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  2. Mack, I posted after you there, and my point is this: Had Stanley not run on a family values platform and suggested he was of morally superior stock, this really WOULDN’T be our business.

    The fact remains that he did, which means he must pay the price. Glass houses, stones, etc.

  3. And the time to point out the hypocrisy is when we run someone against him. In the meantime, piling on without more info is potentially harmful to ourselves, the party, and last but not least, his family.

    The guy is a craven opportunist, to be sure, doesn’t mean we have to be.

  4. but, but, they took away our lions and christians fun. we have to have a substitute, don’t we?

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