Good Riddance To Bad Shoes

I hated Crocs.  It was okay, I guess, for little kids to wear them.  I wouldn’t recommend them for growing feet, but I understand the appeal of the brightly colored Crocs for children.  Even the less gaudy colors were, though, made of plastic, and while I’ll admit to being a bit of a shoe snob…plastic shoes have no place in a man’s closet.  I used to work with a very accomplished guy, who insisted on wearing them to business meetings.  I just couldn’t handle it.

They always looked like something you’d get in a Happy Meal.  A big part of your overall health can be traced back to your footwear, believe it or not.  I never trusted these trashy shoes.  I won’t miss them a bit.


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7 responses to “Good Riddance To Bad Shoes

  1. democommie

    I don’t own some. I’m a real man; I only wear wooden soled clogs–Without no damned “safety strap”!

  2. What Demo said. I’d never sleep with a man who wore crocs. And a Latino man? Shame on you!
    Still, redemption. I’m glad you go trid of them.

  3. ok, I have a pair with leather uppers but I hardly ever wear them. They are comfortable and I understand their sandals are very comfortable.

    However, I’m totally cool with the mom who thought up the idea of stuff to stick in the holes. That’s right up there with pet rocks in terms of money makers.

  4. Sharon, I’m not sure what you are reading…I’ve never owned a pair. Never would.

  5. I’ve never owned a pair, but I will say I tried on a pair of their sandals at the mall and it was like heaven on my feet…if they weren’t for their price and the fact that they didn’t have any in my size, I’d wear them, looks be damned.

  6. Mack–
    I misread–thankfully.
    No proud, Latino man would be caught dead or alive in them!

  7. democommie

    I was at “Big Lots” (it should be called “Big Piles’O’Crap”) and they had Crocs (some sorta loafer looking things) for $12. Part of me said, “Go for it, dude! You could just wear them around the house when you’re alone.”. The other part of me was saying. “It’s like riding a moped, dude. It’s fun, until your friends see you doing it!”.

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