Just Do It *

I am absolutely done reading another article, post, or subsequent comment on the issue of guns in bars, parks, restaurants, dry-cleaners, etc.

The issue has nothing to do with gun rights, or safety.  There hasn’t been anything new written about it in years.  Not a single fresh perspective.

If, by some miracle, the whole bill is struck down, and the State does not allow concealed weapons in these places, or, cities or counties or individual merchants opt out en masse, I have a solution for those of you truly concerned for your family’s safety:  DO IT ANYWAY.

I have a Walther PPK.  It is a nice gun.  Small enough to tuck in my pocket, but fires a slug that should stop anyone not under the influence of PCP.  If I am going somewhere I feel remotely threatened, I carry it.  I don’t tell the  Concierge at the hotel I’m staying in, nor do I feel compelled to slip my waitress a note informing her I’m packing heat.  I don’t brandish it, I don’t talk about it, it is just there, like my cell phone or car keys.

You know what?  If I feel the need to draw it and fire, I’ll take my chances with a jury.  I seriously don’t foresee an scenario wherein I am busted for carrying it, except in a life threatening situation.  I’ve never been frisked in a restaurant, or a park.  When I used to commute regularly, I kept it in the car.  I still do when I travel.  I have been doing this for over 30 years without incident.

Please don’t tell me about obeying the law.  That, IMO, is a black/white position.  You either obey ALL State laws, or you have no credible argument.  And nobody does.

* Apologies to Nike.



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25 responses to “Just Do It *

  1. I always thought having a PPK would be cool – but I did grow up in the James Bond movie era. I have a ww2 era P-38.

  2. Bond carried a PPK? I haven’t seen a Bond movie since I was very young. Is it still Sean Connery?

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  4. The Missus

    This is the most common sense post I’ve read on this issue. As much as our families have traveled together I’ve never seen you gun.

  5. democommie


    Easy for you to say; you have a smallish hand cannon. What about those of us that want to use one of these:


    don’t worry you don’t gotta buy one. You can make it out of a squirtgun, like these guys did:

  6. I’ve got one rigged from a small propane tank, Demo, for “weed control”.

    Hey O/T, I think I saw a hedgehog yesterday. Does Tn have hedgehogs? He was huge, like a small bear.

  7. democommie


    Hedgehogs are not very big; I’ve had a full grown one in my hand, back in the early 70’s while hiking (or something similar) in the woods in Germany.

    The only animals I can think of that would fit that description would be a peccary or a wolverine. You can always call the local F&G folks or whatever TN has for Dept. of Environmental Conservation and they might have a better idea.

    Hey, how’s summer? I think we’re in for a real scorcher today, might top 80.

  8. Ha. 80. I eat 80 for breakfast.

    This was fat and wooly like a beaver, only no beaver type of tail. It ran under the cabin when it sensed my presence…weird looking bastard, that one.

    Mini bear?

  9. democommie

    Well, without seeing it, I’m kinda out of ideas. You say it ran under the cabin? Wasn’t just a really well fed woodchuck was it?

  10. democommie

    Oh, I just thought of one other thing. Get a look at a picture of a nutria. They’re not that big and don’t go that far north if IIRC, but you never know.

  11. democommie

    One more think, Mack.

    If you want to get rid of it; tie some carrots around four or five sticks of dynamite and toss it under the cabin the next time he runs in there. That oughta fix his ass.

  12. woodchuck or grounghog, and well fed, from the description.

  13. Demo, yea, I’m waiting for the Acme truck to arrive. Ha, the Coyote thing is really applicable here, donchathink?

    Jim, yup, i think its a woodchuck, though I wasn’t aware they got that big. I’d estimate 40 lbs, about the size of a large terrier.

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing how much wood he can chuck, when he commences to chuck wood.

  14. I think people should go back to carrying clubs like back in the stone age. Now that would be a more peaceful and civilized society. No one wants to be beaten half to death with a 30 lb. club.The perpetrator of any crime would live his/her life in fear of some 70 year old brandishing a 30 lb club. Now that would deter crime and violence.

  15. Who are you calling a 70 yr old?

  16. democommie


    If you’re garden is within waddling distance, Mr. Marmot will clean it out when it’s ready to harvest. A friend of mine had a chuck living under his kids playhouse; everybody thought he was cute till he manged the whole frikkin’ garden–in one night!

  17. Not to worry, Sir. If you recall, I have a nice fence up around my goodies.

  18. democommie

    I’d recommend a sortie against yon vicious beastie. Contact Mr. William Murray, actor; he has a personal animus against those creatures and probably a few good pointers on how to terminate them with extreme prejudice.

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  20. he’ll dig right under that fence. They’re a pain to get rid of, almost takes a bazooka.

  21. democommie

    Just invite that chuck feller up to the house for a little tequila, put him in a really comfortable chair and then drop the anvil on him!

  22. Dedicated_Dad

    Actually — kidding aside — if you want to get rid of him it’s not hard to do…

    Find his hole.

    Go to the HW store, get a rubber “pipe mender” — it’s like a 6″ piece of rubber with 2 hose clamps on it — and the other bits to step it down to a garden hose.

    Attach to tail-pipe of a gasoline vehicle (Diesel doesn’t put out enough CO) and put the other end of the hose in Mr. Chuck’s hole, packing enough dirt around to keep it in.

    Wait ~20 minutes.

    I’ve used this to (FINALLY!!) rid my yard of moles after years of fighting them. Works like a charm, and they’re pre-buried!!


  23. Well, I should be clear…where I’ve seen him isn’t anywhere near my garden. I’ve seen no evidence of any intrusions into my garden by anything. Of course, I planted in raised beds this year, and built a fence around it. So, for now, I’ll just enjoy the few glimpses i get of him.

  24. I used to have a Walther. They are a good sized gun.

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