Quick Hits

If there is no price to pay, what prevents this from happening again? I’m glad SCOTUS ruled the search was illegal, (who was the one dissenting opinion?) by 8-1, but then they rule that the school officials cannot be held liable?  Unbelievable.

About damn time! If recent events don’t show overwhelming evidence that the unhinged among us are susceptible to hate speech, I’m not sure what it is going to take.  Lock this guy up for a very long time, please.  Gettim, Fitz!

After reading 4000 web pages of advice, I’ve come to a few conclusions:

1.  No one knows how to get rid of Japanese beetles.

2.  There isn’t a single affordable, efficient hand held steamer available anywhere.

3.  The phrase “hand held steamer” will attract spam to this post for the next decade.

Back tomorrow, are people still doing feel good Friday round-ups?



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6 responses to “Quick Hits

  1. sevin will get rid of them but there’s another sure way. go about a third of the way back towards the school and convince that neighbor to put out japanese beetle traps. the scent will attract every one of your beetles to their property. this idea cost me several hundred bucks in bags one year and I’d like to pay it forward.

  2. the dissenting opinion was clarence thomas, snarkily ironic in light of the allegations when he was nominated.

    oh, and yes on the fgf”s – at least I still am. I got two queued.

    hand-held steamer to steam what? I think I’ve seen ones for de-wrinkling laundry but you might check out the little blue pills if you’re trying to unwrinkle something else. 😉

  3. bridgett

    I bought my TOBI travel steamer for 19.99 at Target. It heats up quickly, it’s lightweight, it’s easy to work (so much so that I let my ten-year-old steam things without fear), and it gets the job done without spitting or burning sheer fabrics. It’s perfect for shirts and dresses and slacks. Only drawback is that it needs refilling after a couple of minutes of steaming because the receptacle is travel-sized.

  4. Bridgett? Wow what a surprise. Nice to see you. Actually, I was talking about a handheld steam cleaner…something that directs a stream of steam that cleans and disinfects. Shark products makes a couple of different ones. But the reviews on every model are split, right down the middle.

  5. Something is clearly up with WordPress today…I answered your comment, Bridgett.

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