Michael Jackson, Dead At 50

The Los Angeles Times has reported that Michael Jackson has died after slipping into a coma.  More later.

UPDATED:  Sorry, he was 50, not 52.

I was a kid when the Jackson Five broke.  I was a fan, and i will always think that “Off The Wall” was one of the best albums ever.  My memories of Michael will never include any of the bizzare legal battles he fought.  He was a genius, pure and simple.  He influenced countless musicians and entertainers.  His music brought a great deal of joy to my life.  I’m pretty sure I can moonwalk.  Ok, not really.

You were a kid, Michael, at the age of 50.  Thanks for creating music that i still sing along with, even after all these years.


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One response to “Michael Jackson, Dead At 50

  1. democommie

    I wish I could separate the two, I can’t. But I did think he was a genius as a young man. I can moonsit.

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