A Word From Management

Mack is on vacation until June somethingorother.  Mack is pleased to be away from the Nashville area since one more drop of rain and he may have gone postal.  Mack is both encouraged and angry with the election results in Tehran.  Mack cannot believe that a Congressman referred to an escaped gorilla as “one of Michelle’s relatives.”  Mack will likely post something from his vacation hideaway, but is not contractually bound to do so.

A note to Melody Singer:  I’m pretty sure you can buy a plantation for around 80k….

A note to Demo:  Thinking about you.

A note to my house sitter:  If I’m not back in 10 days…sell the horses.  Eat the dogs.  The cat doesn’t give a shit.



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9 responses to “A Word From Management

  1. Maybe – I’m sure you’d know better than me – but the realtor on the show couldn’t find anything like that for the little dreamer on the show. But it DOES give me something to shoot for!

    And for the house sitter – wouldn’t it make more sense to sell the dogs and eat the horses?

    Have fun on vacation!!!


  2. They’d probably get enough for each of the horses to buy a lot of food. My understanding is that horse meat is a bit tough.

    60% chance of rain today.

  3. There is roughly 30 thousand dollars worth of horses at Coyote Creek…that buys a boat load of Kibble.

    Toss the cat a fiver and hes on his own…

  4. any wonder I’m a city girl

  5. I thought you said I could eat the horses and sell the dogs not the other way around, and what’s this about waiting 10 days to get my grub on? The horse meat was a wee bit gamy but it beats a blank. I had a tough time getting all but one to stand still. I guess the reciprocating saw was intimidating.

  6. Couldn’t spell sawzall, could you?

  7. democommie


    Have a goodun!

  8. Sawzall is not on the spell check besides I wanted to sound intelligent while discussing horse consumption.

  9. Actually, I’m sitting here remembering a gtalk status of yours recently saying Bonaroo Bound! and I’m thinking shouldn’t we be hearing the news item about you having gone postal in the boonies because you got more rain there than we have at home. I’m also laughing 🙂

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