Kwai Chang Caine, R.I.P.

“How is it, old man, that you know these things?”

“How is it, young man, that you do not?”

I really liked the Kung Fu television series.  I never thought any of the Carradines were great actors, but David seemed perfect for this role.  I’m sure many people will feel that his passing is a tragedy, but, really, at 72, perhaps he was just ready.  Go gently, Grasshopper.



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2 responses to “Kwai Chang Caine, R.I.P.

  1. eeluk

    Po then described the room in detail, including a grasshopper at Caine’s feet. Incredulous, Caine asked Po, “Old man – how is it that you hear these things?”. Po’s reply was, “Young man, how is it that you do not?”. From that point on, Po affectionately called Caine “Grasshopper”.

  2. democommie

    I read an article in, IIRC, Esquire back in the 80’s. Carradine was asked about a scene that he had recently filmed where he was attacked by “wolves”. The interviewer wanted to know what kind of special training the dogs had had to make it look so realistic. Carradine said that they had not been fed for several days and that he had prepped for the scene by smearing gravy on himself!

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